Fresh Milk

Our Fresh Milk is all sourced from second and third-generation farmers in the Killeshin community. Their standards of producing a high-quality milk are second-to-none. Once the cows are milked, we collect the milk from the farms and bring it a short distance to the dairy. To keep the milk as natural as possible, we do the bare minimum. The milk is pasteurised, packed and with our customers within 24hours.

Our priority is supplying customers with fresh quality products with traceability and a taste that won us Gold in 2018 and Silver in 2019 at the Blas Na hÉireann Awards.

Organic Milk

Our multi-award-winning Organic Milk is sourced from two organic-run family farms.

The high-quality standards maintained on these farms really shines through in this rich-tasting milk. Our customers can’t get enough of it. From a cool ice-cream at Gino’s Gelato to a warm smooth coffee, the quality of our organic milk shines though.

The Village Diary is a proud member of the Irish Organic Association, and our organic milk keeps winning and the Blas Na hÉireann Awards. Organic Milk won silver in 2017 and bronze in 2018.

Jersey Milk

Our multi-award-winning Jersey Milk is often described as ‘the milk from your childhood’. Its taste and texture is enjoyed by young and old alike. Our Jersey Milk comes from pedigree Jersey cows that graze freely in Leinster’s green-grass fields under the care of farmers who are passionate about producing the very best milk.

It is loved by Ireland’s best baristas for the how it works perfectly with their coffees, producing the best unmatched results for lattes, cappuccinos and other creations.

At Blas Na hÉireann, it won Gold 2016 and Silver in 2017 and 2018.

Certified Organic

Certified Organic, Licence No. 7055

Department of Agriculture

Certified by The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

Ireland Agriculture

IE-ORG-02 Ireland Agriculture